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Ten Steps to Demonstrating Your Organization’s Trustworthiness

Step One

Develop a clear vision statement that is a broad declaration of the change you want to see.

Step Two

Follow with a mission statement that is brief and clearly states what your organization will do toward achieving that vision. Some believe that your mission statement should fit on the back of a business card – but we’re not that strict.

Step Three

With your board and staff, develop a statement of your organizational values.

Step Four

Develop a policy manual that includes:

Step Five

Report to the board on organization’s finances at each board meeting or at least quarterly.

Step Six

File 990 accurately and promptly and put it on your website.

Step Seven

Have an annual audit and change auditor (or the person actually doing the audit) every few years.

Step Eight

Establish board standing committees for finance, audit and resource development.

Step Nine

Be careful to observe best practices on CEO and staff compensation. Paying the CEO the equivalent of half your budget probably won’t pass the sniff test.

Step Ten

Put your audited statements, 990, code of ethics, statement of values and your annual report on your website. The more information you provide, the more people will trust you.

This should get you started. If you think you need to learn more before you can do this work, please take a look at our workshops, where you or your staff members can learn more. If you find that you don’t have the time or staff who can take on the work, you may need to hire professional help. In that case, give us a call.