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Twelve Steps to Make Your Board of Directors Effective Partners

Step One

Develop a matrix of the skills, experience and other attributes you need on the board .

Step Two

Establish a board recruitment, development and evaluation committee.

Step Three

Select candidates carefully, interview them and let them know all requirements and expectations (including financial support) prior to electing them.

Step Four

Have a thorough orientation where new board members learn about the policies, programs, budget, issues, current challenges, etc.

Step Five

Put all your policies in a manual and provide copies to board members.

Step Six

Establish an annual schedule of board and committee meetings and endeavor to adhere to it.

Step Seven

Send meeting materials at least five working days in advance of meetings.

Step Eight

Allow sufficient time for discussion, but stay on time schedule. No one ever complains if you end meetings early.

Step Nine

Review each meeting on content and process. What decisions were made? Did you accomplish everything you set out to in the meeting? How can it be done better?

Step Ten

Follow up with board members promptly to remind them of any assignments they may have accepted.

Step Eleven

Conduct a debriefing with staff immediately after the meeting to assign tasks and deadlines.

Step Twelve

Check in with board members on assignments to get a progress report and offer assistance.

This should get you started. If you think you need to learn more before you can do this work, please take a look at our workshops, where you or your staff members can learn more. If you find that you don’t have the time or staff who can take on the work, you may need to hire professional help. In that case, give us a call.